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Readers' Cafe

Ancient Days - Travel back to the early middle ages or to the ice age with these tales of ancient days.

Colorado Authors - Colorado is home to a number of award-winning and best selling authors. Here's a sample of their works.

Distant Past - Explore a time long, long ago through novels set from pre-history through the 12th-century.

Jungles: Green Darkness - Edgar Rice Burroughs and Joseph Conrad tried to pierce the darkness of the jungle over a century ago. Others are still trying and you can explore with them.

Meet Jane Jetson! - Discover the women who excelled in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Renaissance Rebirth - The Renaissance period between 1400-1600 C.E. saw a flowering of new knowledge and culture, along with treachery and intrigue. Enjoy your trip through the culture of this great age.

Sherlock Forever - Sherlock Holmes didn't die with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but lives on in adventures by a variety of authors.

Small Towns - Warm, friendly, slower paced -- enjoy everything that small towns have to offer.

Then and Now: Parallel Lives - When past and present meet you discover parallel lives.

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