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Family History - Genealogy

++Apr 19, 2018 LCGS Meeting “What’s in a Name? Surname History and Meanings” with Diane Barbour - 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM at PRPLD Council Tree Library
Beginning with the Norman Conquest in England to modern day surnames, this class includes the history and evolution of surnames. It includes a discussion of patronymics and their variations from several countries.

++May 17, 2018 LCGS Meeting “Emigration Out of the British Isles: Pushing and Pulling” with Carol Darrow - 6:30 AM - 8:30 PM at PRPLD Council Tree Library
Emigration is the process of leaving one’s country of residence to live elsewhere. There is a push/pull effect – reasons why someone would feel the need to leave their homeland and reasons that would attract emigrants to a particular new home. Immigration to America started as early as 1608 with 100-200 people a year, and by 1900 reached a flood of one million immigrants per year from countries around the world. Ship travel by sail or steam could be harrowing and new arrivals in America found settling into a new country could be a daunting task.

Thursday Afternoon Genealogy Help (LCGS) - PRPLD Old Town Library (2nd Floor Study Room A) 1-5 pm

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