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Agriculture in the Fort Collins urban growth area, 1862-1994
Presented to the City of Fort Collins Planning Department (Fort Collins: Carl McWilliams and Karen McWilliams, Cultural Resource Historians, 1995)

Apparitions of the Past : The Ghost Signs of Fort Collins
The sign must be painted on brick or another masonry surface, keeping with the traditional definition of “ghost sign.”

Getting to Know Fort Collins : Historic Landmarks
This list was selected by members of the Landmark Preservation Commission in the summer of 2010.

Hang your Wagon to a Star: The History of Hispanics in Fort Collins
Prepared by Adam Thomas, SWCA Environmental Consultant, and submitted to the Advance Planning Department of the City of Fort Collins. August 2003.

Historic Context for Irrigation and Water Supply Ditches and Canals in Colorado
by Michael Holleran-Colorado Center for Preservation Research-University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center June 2005with support from the State Historical Fund, Colorado Historical Society (2001-02-068)

Historical Contexts for the Old Fort Site, Fort Collins, Colorado, 1864-2002
Prepared for The City of Fort Collins Advance Planning Department Prepared by Jason Marmor, M.A. June 2002

Post War Fort Collins 1945-1969 History
This historic context explores the important themes that not only influenced but also resulted in postwar development of Fort Collins between 1945 and 1969.

Silver Wedge: The Sugar Beet Industry in Fort Collins
submitted to Advanced Planning Department City of Fort Collins, Colorado - SWGA prepared by Eric Twitty, SWCA Environmental Consultant, August 2003.

Set amidst the agricultural fields and industrial complexes northeast of Old Town Fort Collins, the Buckingham, Andersonville, and Alta Vista neighborhoods share a common heritage. Each is a product of the sugar beet industry, a Colorado economic empire that emerged after the turn of the twentieth century.

Work Renders Life Sweet: Germans from Russia in Fort Collins, 1900-2000
Buckingham, Andersonville, and Alta Vista Neighborhoods.

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