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Calder Country / Janet Dailey

For fans of Yellowstone, the Roaring 20s in America's Wild West come to vivid life in this inspiring saga of love, hope and endurance.. 1920s, Blue Moon, Montana.The small cattle town is alight with the excitement of cars, telephones, and airplanes. But as new inventions and new roles for women collide with Prohibition and the rising battle between gangsters and the FBI, Blue Moon finds itself - and some of its most infamous residents and powerful families - at a crossroads, and in battles of their own, between hearts and minds . . ..

Heir to the Hollister Ranch on his mother's side, Mason Dollarhide is back home after a five-year prison sentence for smuggling bootleg liquor. Cynical and daring, he's already up to his old tricks, having his goods trafficked to him by plane.

The Conditions of Unconditional Love / Alexander McCall Smith

In this latest installment of the beloved Isabel Dalhousie series, Isabel finds herself navigating tricky problems both public and personal. "McCall Smith's assessments of fellow humans are piercing and profound . . . [His] depictions of Edinburgh are vivid and seamless." - San Francisco Chronicle. Isabel Dalhousie, everyone's favorite moral philosopher, is once again called on to help navigate a decidedly delicate dispute with all of the insight and compassion she has become known for.

What makes Isabel's investigations so unique is her uncanny ability to view all sides of a situation with coolness and reserve - and she will tap deep into her stores of both in order to help see this one through. Meanwhile, Isabel and her husband Jamie will together be dealing with tricky personal issues of their own.

The Bluestockings: A History of the First Women's Movement / Susannah Gibson

An illuminating group portrait of the eighteenth-century women who dared to imagine an active life for themselves in both mind and spirit.In England in the 1700s, a woman who was an intellectual, spoke out, or wrote professionally was considered unnatural. After all, as the wisdom of the era dictated, a clever woman -- if there were such a thing -- would never make a good wife. But a circle of women called the Bluestockings did something extraordinary: coming together in glittering salons to discuss and debate as intellectual equals with men, they fought for women to be educated and to have a public role in society.

In this intimate and revelatory history, Susannah Gibson delves into the lives of these pioneering women. Elizabeth Montagu established one of the most famous salons of the Bluestocking movement, with everyone from royalty to revolutionaries clamoring for an invitation to attend.

Fall of Civilizations: Stories of Greatness and Decline / Paul Cooper

"A treasure trove of myths and terror ... Atmospheric as hell ... Immersive."-The Times. Based on the podcast with over one hundred million downloads, Fall of Civilizations brilliantly explores how a range of ancient societies rose to power and sophistication, and how they tipped over into collapse..

Across the centuries, we journey from the great empires of Mesopotamia to those of Khmer and Vijayanagara in Asia and Songhai in West Africa; from Byzantium to the Maya, Inca and Aztecs of Central America; from Roman Britain to Rapa Nui. With meticulous research, breathtaking insight and dazzling, empathic storytelling, historian and novelist Paul Cooper evokes the majesty and jeopardy of these ancient civilizations, and asks what it might have felt like for a person alive at the time to witness the end of their world.

Hard to Kill / James Patterson

Time is short for Jane Smith - but her mission to catch a murderer is bigger than her diagnosis or the assassins on her trail.. Set up again? For three more murders? What are the odds? Attorney Jane Smith is mounting an impossible criminal defense. Her repeat client, Rob Jacobson, is the unluckiest of the lucky. No sooner is he accused of killing a family of three in the Hamptons than a second family is gunned down. It's not double jeopardy. It's not double murder. It's double triple homicide. Jane mounts the most complex investigation of her career. But she's facing her own serial killer. A terminal medical condition. The defense may never rest.

The Horse: A Galloping History of Humanity / Timothy C. Winegard

From New York Times bestselling author of The Mosquito, the incredible story of how the horse shaped human history Timothy C. Winegard's The Horse is an epic history unlike any other. Its story begins more than 5,500 years ago on the windswept grasslands of the Eurasian Steppe; when one human tamed one horse, an unbreakable bond was forged and the future of humanity was instantly rewritten, placing the reins of destiny firmly in human hands..

Since that pivotal day, the horse has carried the history of civilizations on its powerful back. For millennia it was the primary mode of transportation, an essential farming machine, a steadfast companion, and a formidable weapon of war. Possessing a unique combination of size, speed, strength, and stamina, the horse dominated every facet of human life and shaped the very scope of human ambition.

The Missing Thread: A Women's History of the Ancient World / Daisy Dunn

A dazzlingly ambitious history of the ancient world that places women at the center - from Cleopatra to Boudica, Sappho to Fulvia, and countless other artists, writers, leaders, and creators of history. Around four thousand years ago, the mysterious Minoans sculpted statues of topless women with snakes slithering on their arms. Over one thousand years later, Sappho wrote great poems of longing and desire.

For classicist Daisy Dunn, these women - whether they were simply sitting at their looms at home or participating in the highest echelons of power - were up to something much more interesting than other histories would lead us to believe. Together, these women helped to make antiquity as we know it.. In this monumental work, Dunn reconceives our understanding of the ancient world by emphasizing women's roles within it.

The Quiet Damage: QAnon and the Destruction of the American Family / Jesselyn Cook

The riveting story of QAnon's devastating impact on the American family, grappling with the seductive allure of disinformation, the trauma it causes, and how we might set ourselves free.. The QAnon conspiracy theories - which posit that a nefarious cabal of elites is secretly ruling our society, poisoning our bodies, and harming our children - have come to represent the peculiar mania driven by social media disinformation campaigns and its dire consequences on our politics. But what's often overlooked is the raw destructive power these theories have on the American family.

In an age in which partisanship has created deep divides within the home - between parents and children, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives - the extreme belief structure of QAnon widens those divides into seemingly insurmountable chasms, leaving people lost, confused, and broken.

Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Shadow / Brian Freeman

When secrets from Bourne's past come to light, he may be the next thing that's buried in this latest entry in the legendary New York Times bestselling series. It's been over a decade since Nash Rollins recruited a brilliant, talented, but disaffected young man named David Webb to join Treadstone. Webb became the agent known as Cain - and later took on the identity of Jason Bourne.

That violent winter - which included Cain's first mission for Treadstone - was also a story of betrayal in ways that David never knew. So after the injury that erased Bourne's whole life, Nash lied about the circumstances of David's recruitment to Treadstone. He was afraid that learning the truth might drive Bourne out of the agency forever. But now, when Bourne meets a woman who recognizes him as David Webb, the secrets of those days begin to come out - and Bourne is forced to confront the dangerous ghosts of a past he doesn't even remember.

I Was A Teenage Slasher / Stephen Graham Jones

From New York Times bestselling horror writer Stephen Graham Jones comes a classic slasher story with a twist - perfect for fans of Riley Sager and Grady Hendrix.. 1989, Lamesa, Texas. A small west Texas town driven by oil and cotton - and a place where everyone knows everyone else's business. So it goes for Tolly Driver, a good kid with more potential than application, seventeen, and about to be cursed to kill for revenge. Here Stephen Graham Jones explores the Texas he grew up in, the unfairness of being on the outside, through the slasher horror he lives but from the perspective of the killer, Tolly, writing his own autobiography. Find yourself rooting for a killer in this summer teen movie of a novel gone full blood-curdling tragic.

What Have You Done / Shari Lapena

Dark ? Addictive ? Twisty ? Chilling ? Domestic Suspense. "Lapena is a master of manipulation." - USA Today. The new unputdownable novel from the "queen of the one-sit read," and New York Times bestselling author of The Couple Next Door. Nothing ever happens in sleepy little Fairhill, Vermont. But this morning that will change. And one innocent question could be deadly. What have you done?.

The teenagers get their kicks telling ghost stories in the old graveyard. The parents trust their kids will arrive home safe from school. Everyone knows everyone. Curtains rarely twitch. Front doors are left unlocked.. But Diana Brewer isn't lying safely in her bed where she belongs. Instead she lies in a hayfield, circled by vultures, discovered by a local farmer.

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