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Artemis A Novel
The Blue Hour
Dead Stop
Field Guide to the End of the World
Great Colorado Bear Stories
How the West was warmed
Little g God Grows Tired of Me
The Martian
Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore
Rising fire  volcanoes and our inner lives
Rough Beauty Forty Seasons of Mountain Living
Rhythms of Change in Rocky Mountain National Park
The Sonoran Desert A Literary Field Guide
Still  of the earth as the ark which does not move
Trophic Cascade
You Ask Me To Talk About The Interior
Artemis: A Novel / Andy Weir

Meet Andy Weir at the FoCo Book Fest!

Jazz Bashara is a criminal.

Well, sort of. Life on Artemis, the first and only city on the moon, is tough if you're not a rich tourist or an eccentric billionaire. So smuggling in the occasional harmless bit of contraband barely counts, right? Not when you've got debts to pay and your job as a porter barely covers the rent.

Everything changes when Jazz sees the chance to commit the perfect crime, with a reward too lucrative to turn down. But pulling off the impossible is just the start of her problems, as she learns that she's stepped square into a conspiracy for control of Artemis itself - and that now, her only chance at survival lies in a gambit even riskier than the first.

The Blue Hour / Laura Pritchett

Colorado Book Award for Literary Fiction 2018.

Meet the author at the FoCo Book Fest.

The tight-knit residents of Blue Moon Mountain, nestled high in the Colorado Mountains, form an interconnected community of those living off the land, stunned by the beauty and isolation all around them. So when, at the onset of winter, the town veterinarian commits a violent act, the repercussions of that tragedy will be felt all across the mountainside, upending their lives and causing their paths to twist and collide in unexpected ways.

The housecleaner rediscovering her sexual appetite, the farrier who must take in his traumatized niece, the grocer and her daughter, the therapist and the teacher, reaching out to the world in new and surprising ways, and the ragged couple trapped in a cycle of addiction and violence. They will all rise and converge upon the blue hour - the l'heure bleu - the hour of twilight, a time of desire, lust, honesty. The strong, spirited people of Blue Moon Mountain must learn to navigate the line between violence and sex, tenderness and the hard edge of yearning, and the often confusing paths of mourning and lust.

Writing with passion for rural lives and the natural world, Laura Pritchett, who has been called "one of the most accomplished writers of the American West," graces the land of desire in vivid prose, exploring the lengths these moving, deeply felt characters - some of whom we've met in Pritchett's previous work - will traverse to protect their own.

Brood / Kimiko Hahn

Meet the author at the FoCo Book Fest.

In Brood, Kimiko Hahn trains her eye on the commonplace - clothespins, bees, papaya, perfume, poached eggs, a sponge, fire, sand dollars - and reveals their very essence in concise evocative language. Underlying these little gems is a sense of loss, a mother's death or a longing for childhood. "Brood" connotes the bundling of family or beasts, but also dark thinking, and both are at play here where the less said, the better. Kimiko Hahn is the author of ten books of poetry, including most recently, Brain Fever (Norton, 2014) . She has received numerous honors, including the PSA's Shelley Memorial Prize, the PEN/Voelcker Award, and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, Guggenheim Foundation, and New York Foundation for the Arts.

Dead Stop / Barbara Nickless

Colorado Book Award Winner for Mystery 2018.

The search for a missing child leads a courageous railway cop down a twisted trail of murder.It's been five months since Special Agent Sydney Parnell survived a violent confrontation with a gang of brutal thugs, an encounter that left her physically and emotionally scarred. Deep down, Sydney fears she isn't ready for another investigation. But when a woman is murdered on the train tracks and a child goes missing, she knows she's the only one who can lead the hunt for the killer. While Denver police and the FBI chase down blind alleys, Sydney focuses on a single cryptic clue left behind at the crime scene - one that will send her down a path of greed, violence, and long-ago love.With Denver beset by a series of monsoonlike thunderstorms that threaten to flood the city, Sydney and her K9 partner, Clyde, must wade through a murky trail of murder that stretches back thirty years - all to rescue a child .

Field Guide to the End of the World / Jeannine Hall Gailey

Meet the author at the FoCo Book Fest.

Field Guide to the End of the World, winner of the 2015 Moon City Poetry Award, delivers a whimsical look at our culture's obsession with apocalypse as well as a thoughtful reflection on our resources in the face of disasters both large and small, personal and public. Pop-culture characters - from Martha Stewart and Wile E. Coyote to zombie strippers and teen vampires - deliver humorous but insightful commentary on survival and resilience through poems that span imagined scenarios that are not entirely beyond the realm of possibility. The characters face their apocalypses in numerous ways, from strapping on rollerblades and swearing to taking notes as barns burn on the horizon. At the end of the world, the most valuable resource is human connection - someone holding our hands, reminding us "we are miraculous.

Great Colorado Bear Stories / Laura Pritchett

Pritchett looks at Colorado's bears, including the grizzlies that once roamed the state and the black bears that still do... these stories describe the science and natural history of bears along with tales of deadly and near-death encounters with people. Some stories are historical, such as Roosevelt's hunting, Pike's exploring, and the death of Colorado's last grizzly. Other tales are contemporary--backyard bruins in the suburbs, close encounters with the wilderness, and dedicated wildlife scientists who crawl deep inside dens with bears.

How the West was warmed / Beth Conover, editor

Meet the author at the FoCo Book Fest.

Melting glaciers. Pine beetle infestation. Drought. Carbon footprints. Green jobs and promises of a new energy economy.When the venerable Aspen Skiing Company starts talking about the "death of snow," even the most determined deniers start to wonder, what is going on? In this entertaining and enlightening collection of essays, noted environmentalist and Greenprint Denver founder Beth Conover develops a portrait of the wide range of responses to climate change in the Rocky Mountain West. For over two decades, this region has been a leader in addressing climate change, and today it is a hub of solutions to this pressing global issue. Written by over forty veteran journalists, scientists, business people, and policy makers, these essays show us how climate change has and continues to affect the ways in which we live, work, and play

Little g God Grows Tired of Me / Aby Kaupang

Meet the author at the FoCo Book Fest.

The author explores grief, cruelty, corporeality, pregnancy and containment in a boundary filled world constructed by myth, politics, masculine text, faith, and faithlessness. In Little?"G", Kaupang questions loving and the traditional forms of love while simultaneously indulging in them.

The Martian / Andy Weir

Six days ago, astronaut Mark Watney became one of the first people to walk on Mars.

Now, he's sure he'll be the first person to die there.

After a dust storm nearly kills him and forces his crew to evacuate while thinking him dead, Mark finds himself stranded and completely alone with no way to even signal Earth that he's alive - and even if he could get word out, his supplies would be gone long before a rescue could arrive.

Chances are, though, he won't have time to starve to death. The damaged machinery, unforgiving environment, or plain-old "human error" are much more likely to kill him first.

But Mark isn't ready to give up yet. Drawing on his ingenuity, his engineering skills - and a relentless, dogged refusal to quit - he steadfastly confronts one seemingly insurmountable obstacle after the next. Will his resourcefulness be enough to overcome the impossible odds against him?

Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore / Matthew Sullivan

Colorado Book Award Winner for General Fiction 2018.

When a bookshop patron commits suicide, his favorite store clerk must unravel the puzzle he left behind in this fiendishly clever debut novel from an award-winning short story writer.

Lydia Smith lives her life hiding in plain sight. A clerk at the Bright Ideas bookstore in Denver, she keeps a meticulously crafted existence among her beloved books, eccentric colleagues, and the BookFrogs - the lost and lonely regulars who spend every day marauding the store's overwhelmed shelves.

But when Joey Molina, a young, beguiling BookFrog, kills himself in the bookstore's upper room, Lydia's life comes unglued. Always Joey's favorite bookseller, Lydia has been bequeathed his meager worldly possessions. Trinkets and books; the detritus of a lonely, uncared for man.?

Rising fire : volcanoes and our inner lives / John Calderazzo

Meet the author at the FoCo Book Fest.

An eloquent journey through the fantastic world of volcanoes and volcano lore. Writing about people who live in the shadow of volcanoes, both literally and figuratively, the author interviews scientists studying a volcano in Alaska, describes the fate of Monserrat, and chronicles the life of a journalist who covered the explosion of Mount Unzen in Japan in 1991.

Rough Beauty: Forty Seasons of Mountain Living / Karen Auvinen

During a difficult time, Karen Auvinen flees to a primitive cabin in the Rockies to live in solitude as a writer and to embrace all the beauty and brutality nature has to offer. When a fire incinerates every word she has ever written and all of her possessions - except for her beloved dog Elvis, her truck, and a few singed artifacts - Karen embarks on a heroic journey to reconcile her desire to be alone with her need for community.

In the evocative spirit of works by Annie Dillard, Gretel Ehrlich, and Mary Oliver, Karen's rich and compulsively readable memoir is as much an inward as it is an outward pilgrimage. Her pursuit of solace and salvation by shedding trivial ties and living in close harmony with nature, along with her account of finding community and love, is sure to resonate with all of us who long for meaning and deeper connection. Rough Beauty is a luminous, lyric exploration of and homage to her forty seasons in the mountains, embracing the unpredictability and grace of living intimately with the forces of nature while making peace with her own wildness.

Rhythms of Change in Rocky Mountain National Park / Ellen Wohl

Meet the author at the FoCo Book Fest.

To contemplate an alpine lake or a ribbon of white water twisting down the face of the Rocky Mountains is to appreciate the majesty of this block of bedrock thrust up from Earth's interior, weathering eons of nature's assaults. To learn what humans, in our brief lifespan, have done here is to acquire a sobering sense of our place in the natural world. Ellen Wohl's account of a year in the life of Rocky Mountain National Park reflects a lifelong interest in these rhythms and disruptions. Informed by a deep and intimate understanding of the landscape, her Rocky Mountain journal is a lyrical distillation of experience and knowledge that shows us the century-old national park as a microcosm of the natural world in the thrall of time and humanity. Conducting readers through the park's seasons, Wohl describes the processes that unfold over the ages as continents drift and mountain ranges rise, as glaciers carve the land and profound changes in the atmosphere alter the environment.

The Sonoran Desert: A Literary Field Guide / Christopher Cokinos

Meet contributor Eric Magrane at FoCo Book Fest.

A land of austerity and bounty, the Sonoran Desert is a place that captures imaginations and hearts. It is a place where barbs snag, thorns prick, and claws scratch. A place where lizards scramble and pause, hawks hunt like wolves, and bobcats skulk in creosote. Both literary anthology and hands-on field guide, The Sonoran Desert is a groundbreaking book that melds art and science. It captures the stunning biodiversity of the world's most verdant desert through words and images. More than fifty poets and writers - including Christopher Cokinos, Alison Hawthorne Deming, Ken Lamberton, Eric Magrane, Jane Miller, Gary Paul Nabhan, Alberto R?os, Ofelia Zepeda, and many others - have composed responses to key species of this striking desert. Each creative contribution is joined by an illustration by award-winning artist Paul Mirocha and scientific information about the creature or plant authored by the book's editors.

Still : of the earth as the ark which does not move / Matthew Cooperman

Meet the author at the FoCo Book Fest.

Cooperman attempts that rare "theory of everything," the implications of which are, it goes on...wave upon wave of stuff, categories, speakers, news. Employing quotation, catalog, a roving, sometimes aerial point of view, and an ingenious use of the colon, Still is at once a formal argument of containment, and the trajectory of twilight-modernity jacked on too much "product."

Trophic Cascade / Camille T Dungy

Colorado Book Award for Poetry, 2018

In this fourth book in a series of award-winning survival narratives, Dungy writes positioned at a fulcrum, bringing a new life into the world even as her elders are passing on. In a time of massive environmental degradation, violence and abuse of power, a world in which we all must survive, these poems resonate within and beyond the scope of the human realms, delicately balancing between conflicting loci of attention. Dwelling between vibrancy and its opposite, Dungy writes in a single poem about a mother, a daughter, Smokin? Joe Frazier, brittle stars, giant boulders, and a dead blue whale. These poems are written in the face of despair to hold an impossible love and a commitment to hope.

You Ask Me To Talk About The Interior / Carolina Ebeid

Meet the Author at FoCo Book Fest.

Drawing on influences such as Barthes's notion of the punctum (the photographic detail that pierces the viewer) to the repertoire of circles and twirls - the veronicas - bullfighters make with the red cape to attract the bull, Ebeid explores a poetics that is at once intricate and intimate. The poems in this book move by way of metaphors and poetic turns that reveal and wound; they cover territories ranging from personal confession and diagnosis to political catastrophes such as war and exile.

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