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Rock On! Dance With Me

Birth to 5

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Bookjacket for  Animal Boogie

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Animal Boogie Animal Boogie / Debbie Harter

In the jungle, the animals' toes are twitching, their bodies are wiggling, and their wings are flapping - as they teach children how to do the Animal Boogie. 

Bookjacket for  Bagel in Love

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Bagel in Love Bagel in Love / Jane Dough (aka Natasha Wing)

 Bagel wants to compete in a dance contest, but everyone from Pretzel to Croissant turns him down until, at last, shy and lovely Cupcake agrees to be his partner.

Bookjacket for  Giraffes Can't Dance

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Giraffes Can't Dance Giraffes Can't Dance / Giles Andreae

 Gerald the giraffe is too clumsy to dance with all the other animals at the Jungle Dance, until he finds the right music

Bookjacket for  Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

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Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush / Iza Trapani

 An expansion of the traditional song which features a battle between a gardener and some "pesky critters" in search of a snack.

Bookjacket for  If You're a Monster and You Know It

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If You're a Monster and You Know It If You're a Monster and You Know It / Rebecca Emberley

 Monsters sing their own version of this popular song that encourages everyone to express their happiness through voice and movement.

Bookjacket for  Lupita's First Dance

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Lupita's First Dance Lupita's First Dance / Lupe Ruiz-Flores

 Lupita is excited about dancing La Raspa, a Mexican folk dance, with her first-grade class at a celebration of Children's Day, El Día de los Niños, but just before the performance her partner, Ernesto, sprains his ankle.

Bookjacket for  Spunky Little Monkey

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Spunky Little Monkey Spunky Little Monkey / Bill Martin Jr.

Little monkey will not get out of bed, so the doctor prescribes some exercise, and monkey learns to dance.

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